Volume is more glamorous than the classic eyelash extensions, meaning you need to take a little extra care of your lashes.  The aftercare rules are similar to the classic full set, but there are a few slight differences.  

When you seal the lashes with a sealant, you don't want to put too much on - this can close the fans.  It is suggested that you should just brush through the extensions once with the sealant brush, letting them and your wand dry, and then brushing them again.  This will seperate the fans while still spreading the sealer.  

As for cleaning, pump cleanser onto a mascara wand or your finger and gently massage the lashes and the water line (where the lashes grow out).  The difference between volume and classic lashes is how you dry them.  After cleansing, brush through the fans to separate them while they're wet.  Do this consistently as your lashes are air drying to keep them fluffy and the fans wide.  

Although it is not recommended, if you feel the need to use mascara- make sure it is SAFE for the eyelash extensions.  It is the most effective to swipe a line of mascara on and then with a CLEAN mascara wand, brush through to disperse the mascara and re-spread the fans.

Alexandra Nanne