As much as I love a change in season, it can *sadly* mess with the eyelash extension retention.  As the seasons change, our bodies start to shed all hair, not just eyelashes.  Hair on our head, body hair, etc.  Biologically, hair is to protect our skin from the sun.  So as it starts to get colder, our bodies begin to shed that hair.  As it gets colder, we aren't getting as much of that vitamin D, which is necessary for hair growth.  Because we don't have as much vitamin D, we lack energy which makes hair growth even more slower.  


These seasonal changes, fortunately, only last about 3-4 weeks.  To help the process here are a few tips: 

  •  Take vitamin D supplements
  •  Don't go longer than 2 weeks between fills during shedding time
  •  Ask for lighter weight / shorter lashes until you notice less of a shed! 
Alexandra Nanne