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We recommend you do your research on eyelash extensions prior to booking your appointment to make sure you feel you're a good candidate.  We are ecstatic that you're considering us as we are happy to work with anyone and everyone.  Remember, getting your eyelashes done requires an individual to work close to your eyes, it is crucial to go to an experienced eyelash artist who has the credentials, certifications, and who is licensed to ensure you are getting them done properly.  Us girls at The Lash Refinery are all trained and properly licensed along with additional licenses in esthetics and cosmetology, and are eager to give you a quality service that you won't find elsewhere. 


Prior to your appointment, we ask that your eyes are completely free of makeup and any residual oils to insure proper lash application and retention.  We know how much everyone loves their morning coffee, but we suggest waiting to drink any caffeine until after your appointment so that you can fully relax during your service without your eyes being fluttery.  The process of eyelash extensions is not painful and most people find it very relaxing.  


It is crucial that you do not get your eyelashes wet, visit a sauna, or go in a steam shower for 24-48 hours.  We suggest taking a shower prior to your appointment so that you don't have to worry about them getting wet for the next day or so. This will allow enough time for the adhesive to completely dry and bond. After this time, you can gently brush them upwards with the lash brush that we provide you with.  Please do not use any oil based products around your eyes, as this effects the longevity of the adhesive.